We can provide your production with experienced DIT’s and DIT equipment.


Whilst we specialize in Red cameras and workflow, we can also provide 

DIT services for jobs utilizing other camera systems, Arri, Sony, Canon etc.

The equipment needed for a DIT depends on what your production requires.

In a basic or mobile situation a MacBook Pro set-up can be used to back up the rushes. 

If LUT’s , Looks or transcoding are involved, then depending on the camera system, you will need something more substantial.


Weapon cameras can shoot ProRes or Avid files, up to 120fps in 2K and 29.97 in 4K, along side RAW files (R3D).
These cameras also shoot up to 300fps in RAW, so if you require ProRes files in frame rates higher than the cameras can do internally, then transcoding is required.


Red RAW footage (R3D) can be edited natively on most systems but can also be transcoded to any codec you desire. If you want this done on the day, the DIT will need a MAC PRO workstation with RED ROCKET X (which we can provide).


We also provide the option to process your rushes after the shoot at our office.