We believe that the Helix is one of the best stabilizing systems.


It’s been designed for hand held use, with handles either side of the camera, unlike others that have evolved from helicopter gimbals with the camera hanging below.

It has a Flat bottom design so you don’t need to carry around a special rig to hang it from, you can just put it down. 
You can even put it on a tripod.


We would recommend that the Helix be used in conjunction with either the Exhauss  Exoskeleton or an Easy Rig with the 4th Axis.


Kinetic Cameras can provide the equipment and a technician to help you get the shots you need and make the job run smoothly.


The Gravity One is a two axis mechanical gimbal for professional cameras.

Together with the Easyrig, the Gravity One gives a much improved ergonomic solution for handheld camera work and greatly reduces unwanted motion in shots where the operator is walking or running.

The roll axis covers a full 90 degrees, and the tilt up to 120 degrees, allowing you to point and aim in any direction you want. 

The camera can go from body rig to tripod with out having to remove the Gravity One.



adjective: kinetic

relating to or resulting from motion.(of a work of art) depending on movement for its effect.